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Facility Rentals at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre

Plan your next meeting, workshop or party at Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre! Our facility has a variety of rooms that can accomodate large or small groups. To find out about rental space, please contact us at 604-598-5898.

Our rental spaces have commercial and private rates. If you're a non-profit organization, other rates may apply. Also, depending on the rental, other fees may apply (ex: tarping fee, set up /take down, SOCAN, insurance, and/or equipment rental.)

Multi-Purpose Room - A, B (individually or combined as a whole)

This room can be rented as two separate rooms or one large room.

Two seperate rooms: When Multi-Purpose Room A or B is divided, it can hold 45 to 60 people depending on your layout. 
Rate: $49.17/hour (booked individually)

One large room: Multi-Purpose Room A or B is rented as a whole, it can hold 150 people depending on your layout.
Rate: $73.32/hour (booked as a whole)

Multi-Purpose Room A, B







Our gymnasium is ideal for sporting events, large lectures, parties and more.

Size: Gymnasium area is 65 feet by 98 feet.
Rate: $161.68/hour

Chuck Bailey Gymnasium






Arts & Crafts Room & Youth Lounge

Our arts & craft room and youth lounge are ideal for small group meetings, seminars and more.


Arts and crafts room






If you're interested in other facility rentals in the North Surrey community, learn about Bear Creek Pavilion's Rental Opportunities.