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Surrey's Home Front Edukit

Surrey Museum edukit

If you're a teacher, borrow the kit for free in late April and May, and provide feedback. More details below. The Surrey Museum is excited to introduce our new travelling kit (edukit), called Surrey’s Home Front. This edukit, which was created for Socials Studies teachers to use with students in Grade 9, 10, and 11, is focused on life in Surrey during World War 1. Rather than having their classes come to the Museum, teachers will pick up the edukit and bring it to their classroom.

Resources & Topics

Contents include a suitcase full of artifacts, a variety of archival materials (maps, photographs, documents, newspaper clippings and more), detailed Teacher’s Notes with suggested learning activities, and a USB stick with additional resources.

Students will roll up their sleeves to assess, interpret and analyze archival materials and artifacts related to seven people of varied genders, ages, and ethnic backgrounds who lived in Surrey during this tumultuous time. Topics covered include:

  • Why immigrants came to BC and Canada, and the challenges they faced;
  • World War 1, Russo-Japanese War;
  • Discriminatory policies like the Head Tax, Komagata Maru, German-Canadian internment;
  • Societal attitudes towards ethnic minorities.


Availability: Two-week loan, September–June
Fee: $50

Registration begins on August 22. For details and to book call 604-592-6956.

Test Our Edukit

We're currently looking for a few teachers to test the new edukit and provide feedback in late April and May, before we make it more widely available in Fall 2017. Borrow the kit for free for two weeks and use it in your classroom; all we need in return are comments from you and your students, and the opportunity for our staff to take photos of your class using the kit. For more information contact the Education Coordinator at 604-592-6956 or