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Art Together

Art Together participants show off their arm-knitted creations made with local artist Karen Cancino

Make art and share your ideas! If you’re a young person, the Gallery wants your help planning upcoming projects, programs, and events. This is a unique opportunity to design the type of art activities you envision, and to create do-it-together art projects with mentoring artists. Come enjoy some food, meet new friends, and make a difference in your community.

Contact Charis at to get involved.

All events happen on a Tuesday at Surrey Art Gallery unless otherwise noted.

Date Time Activity
Jun 27 7-9pm In preparation for our young adults-led art bash, participants will enjoy free food and share ideas as they plan the last details for the party. Come join us and find out what the Sizzling Art Bash will be all about!
Jul 11 5:30-9pm Cool down, enjoy food, and create collaborative art at our Sizzling Art Bash planned and led by the Art Together team.
Aug 15 7-9pm

What other types of programs do young people want? If you're a youth or young adult, come brainstorm with us for this feedback session to plan what’s in store for Art Together in the fall!

Past workshops have included:

  • Arm knitting with Karen Cancino
  • Printmaking with Sarah Hart
  • Film graffiti with Alex MacKenzie
  • Breakdancing with Arthur Tiojanco
  • Painting with Jim Adams
  • Creative writing with Fred Wah
  • Mock online radio show with Don Chow
  • Mixed media collage with Tomoyo Ihaya
  • DJing workshop with DJ Khanvict