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Heritage Sites in Newton

Colebrook United Church

Modern West Coast A-frame church built in 1959 to replace the older church. Features a flat stone wall along the front with a curved stone w [...]

Burkart House

Built c.1920, originally as Craftsman Bungalow. Features bay window supported by triangular brackets, pediment over bay window sheathed in l [...]

Centennial Totem Pole

This totem pole commemorating the Canada Centennial in 1967 stands on the grounds of the Municipal Centre. The Totem pole was carved by John [...]

Christopher Brown House

Eclectic Colonial Revival style, with stylistic detailing such as Queen Anne shingles in gable ends, Italianate paired columns and Georgian [...]

George Rankin house

George Rankin House

Eastern cottage style built in 1920. A centred chamfered gable portico frames the front of the south-facing house, with triangular knee brac [...]

House (Kennedy)

Built c. 1928 in Eastern Cottage style, featuring chamfered side gables, window combinations in 2s, 3s, and 4s and singles, horizontal shipl [...]

James Johnston House

Built c.1915 by the younger James Johnston, son of elder James Johnston after whom Johnston Road, now 152 Street, is named. Features boxed e [...]

Joseph Thompson Brown House

Colonial Revival "I-House" of more elaborate proportions and stylistic details, including central entrance, steep pitched and hipped veranda [...]

Kennedy Community Hall

Salt Box style common to 1930s barns and farm buildings, built in 1934 with louvered ventilation outlet at apex of roof gable and shed roof [...]

Red cedar stump

Red Cedar Stump

An example of old growth forest that once covered all of Surrey, the stump is of a tree estimated at 500 to 1000 years old, 30 feet in circu [...]

Rock Tree and Boulder

The Rock Tree is a 20 Metre tall 65 year old Western Red Cedar growing out of a large boulder that the tree has split as a result of growth. [...]

Strawberry Hill Farmers Institute

Utilitarian homestead style, built c. 1909, originally used as Farmers Institute Hall. Centre of social and recreational activity for area f [...]

Sullivan Community Hall

Sullivan Community Hall

Built in 1932 in Utilitarian Homestead style, with simple side gabled box, front gabled entry vestibule, additions to side and rear. Built o [...]

Swanson Barn

Built in 1943 by Adolph and Ruth Swanson, featuring a gambrel roof and vertical and horizontal casement windows. Excellent example of adapti [...]

Swanson House

Adolph and Ruth Swanson bought the property in 1927, cleared the site and started building the house in 1932. George and Rita Johnson bought [...]

Thomas Joseph Brown House

Eclectic, cross-gabled homestead house built c. 1909, an example of an expanded utilitarian homestead house laid out in a T-shape. Features [...]

W. Gillis House

Built in 1936 by Wes Gillis, combining minimal traditional and front gable in Tudor style, while porch with keyhole entry and circular openi [...]