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Sportsfield Portable Goals

The Parks Division provides a mixed inventory of outdoor sport field goal posts to accommodate the variety of sports offered to the community.

Currently, we use fixed and portable mini soccer goals, fixed and portable regulation sized soccer goals, portable field hockey goals and fixed football and rugby goals.

To cut down on unauthorized play that damages the goal areas, making them bare and damaged, the City has moved from the purchase of fixed goals to the purchase of portable goals. Portable goals are easy to move after games to a secured fixture, which can reduce the effects of unauthorized activity in these critical zones.

For this system to operate effectively and safely, everyone must be diligent in the post-game lock-up of the goals. It is the responsibility of the last home team of the day to ensure the goals are properly secured. Parks Division staff will continually monitor for compliance. Failure to adhere to the locking procedures could result in revoking of specific field permits.

The Parks Division staff supply locks and keys. Keys can be picked up from the Athletic Services Coordinator by calling 604-501-5174.

In addition, please report any missing, defective or unsafe locking systems to the city's Service Request Line at (604) 501-5050 

Find out how to install portable goal nets.