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Facility Rentals in Fleetwood

Plan your next athletic event or meeting at Fleetwood Community Centre. This recreation facility offers rental needs for the Fleetwood community all year.

Fleetwood Community Centre Rentals

Fleetwood Community Centre has multiple rental opportunities and spaces to have a party or meeting. For information on booking at Fleetwood Community Centre, please review Fleetwood's Facility Rental Information or call 604-501-5033.  

The Hall

The hall at Fleetwood Community Centre accommodates up to 220 people for a banquet, or 250 for a meeting.

The Studio

The studio at Fleetwood Community Centre accommodates up to 125 people for a banquet, or 200 for a meeting.

Small Meeting Rooms

The small meeting rooms at Fleetwood Community Centre accommodate groups of 10 to 40 people.