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Replacement Tree Requirements

New tree planted close to a large tree stump.

When you remove a tree in Surrey, you are typically required to plant a replacement tree.

When you pick up your Tree Cutting Permit, you must also put down a $400 security deposit for each replacement tree. We collect this deposit to make sure replacement trees are planted and maintained during their important first year.

We will return your $400 in a 2-stage inspection process, to make sure the replacement trees planted will survive and grow to maturity.

Replacement Tree Inspection

Once you have planted your replacement tree, book your inspection on our inspection line at 604-591-4675 or online. The first 50% of Replacement Tree Security ($200 per tree) will be returned upon successful inspection.

One year after your first inspection, you will need to book your second inspection. The second 50% of your deposit will be refunded upon successful inspection.

See the City Arborist's inspection criteria in the Acceptable_Replacement_Tree List to be prepared for each visit.

Correctly planting a replacement tree

Learn how to plant a tree before you plant your replacement tree. Avoid the common problems our City Arborists see with replacement tree planting:

  • Planting the tree too deep causes moisture to collect on the lower trunk, causing stress and premature death to the tree.
  • No tree well leads to damage by grass cutting. Instead, remove lawn from around the tree stem. Also mulch the area to stop weeds from growing.
  • Too much pruning makes it difficult for the young tree to photosynthesis, and may make the tree form unnatural and unattractive.
  • Planting the tree too close causes problems to house foundations, plumbing and structure. Plant trees at least 3 metres from foundation of a home.
  • Trees planted as hedges do not count as acceptable replacements. Each tree must be planted in a location that allows it to grow to natural size and form.


The photo below shows a correctly planted tree. This tree is planted at the correct depth and has had it's burlap sacking/strings removed from the root ball.