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Beautiful City Award

The Beautiful City Award recognizes outstanding contributions of individuals and groups to the enhancement and beautification of Surrey’s neighbourhoods, and the engagement of its residents.

The Award supports the City’s goal of building community pride and engagement, supporting place-making opportunities at the neighbourhood level and the creation of community spaces. The award provides an opportunity to recognize an individual or group for the overall success of a community-led enhancement project in Surrey.

Submit a Nomination

Please refer to our Terms of Reference for more information about this award.

Eligibility and Nomination

The Beautiful City Award is considered by nomination.  Nominations may be submitted online, mailed, or dropped off at the Main Reception in the lobby of City Hall.

What can be entered?

All Surrey residents, groups, organizations and businesses are eligible.  To be considered for an award, work must be completed between 2014-2017and visible from a public space, such as a sidewalk or a park.  Awards are based on the creation and improvement of shared neighbourhood spaces.

Who can be nominated?

All Surrey residents, groups, organizations and businesses are eligible.

Who can nominate?

Anyone, it’s a simple and quick process.

Selection and Recognition

Submissions will be reviewed by the City’s Neighbourhood Team.  Consideration will be made to:

  • the overall creativity of the project;
  • the overall appearance of a property or area;
  • the extent of community involvement; and
  • the provision or enhancement of public open space on private property.

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