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Streams & Water Quality

Surrey stream.

Surrey has an open drainage policy, meaning that the City has endeavoured to keep the stream and creek habitats of Surrey protected over the course of infrastructure development.  Protecting Surrey's natural areas promotes healthy and productive stream environments and preserves the water quality for the aquatic species, such as salmon and trout, that live within the habitats. 

Surrey has over 1400 kilometres of urban streams running through our neighbourhoods and parkland. These streams, both minor and major, provide spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and trout, as well as many wildlife species within each stream habitat corridor.

It is important to know that any road run-off flows directly into local creeks and watercourses.  The information and programs highlighted on this page will help you learn about ways to help protect Surrey's stream and creek habitats for your enjoyment and the livelihood of the fish and wildlife that rely on them. If you are looking for programs and more information about the fish that live in Surrey visit the Fish Protection and Programs webpage.


Storm drain with yellow fish marker.

Water Pollution

Contact Surrey if you see your local creek water looking murky or a strange colour - it may be water pollution.

Storm drain marking activity

Salmon Marshal (SaM) School Programs

Learn how your class can help prevent stormwater pollution through Salmon Marshal (SaM) Programs!

kids for salmon protection

Salmon Marshal (SaM) Public Programs

Join Surrey's Salmon Marshal public programs to learn how to protect aquatic species in creeks.

SHIM for a stream

Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping

Learn how Sensitive Habitat Information Mapping helps with watershed management in Surrey.

damselfly in surrey

Benthic Invertebrates (Stream Bugs)

Learn what benthic invertebrates are and see how they relate to Surrey's watershed management.

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