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Rendering of West Village Energy Centre which will be completed in 2018

District energy in City Centre

Surrey City Energy is an award-winning City-owned district energy utility that supplies high-density residential, commercial and institutional buildings in City Centre with heat and hot water.

District energy is a key strategy for the City to:

  • Improve energy efficiency;
  • Reduce GHG emissions;
  • Increase the resilience of our energy supply systems; and,
  • Provide competitive and stable long-term energy pricing.

 How does district energy work?

A district energy system produces hot water at centralized facilities and then distributes this hot water by way of a dedicated pipe system to heat buildings in a defined neighourhood or “district.”

Using waste to create energy

District energy is an efficient and effective means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing low GHG-emission energy sources, such as:

  • Organic waste (kitchen scraps, etc.) from residential homes throughout Surrey;
  • Geoexchange from the ground;
  • Solar from the sun;
  • Biomass from clean waste wood;
  • Waste heat from buildings, industry and waste water.

City Centre

Surrey City Energy’s first district energy plant is located in City Centre, and its first private customer is Rize Alliance’s Wave project, with service to other developments to follow.

In 2012, Council approved the District Energy System Bylaw which includes the requirement for all new high-density City Centre developments to be fully compatible for DE connection.

Most recently, Council approved the Policy on Utility Rate Setting and Regulation which sets out the principles and methodology by which customer rates will be established and regulated by Council.

Award Winning

In addition to significant industry recognition, the City received the following awards as a direct result of the District Energy System:



If you have any questions or comments about how Surrey's pursuing District Energy systems, contact Jason Owen at