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Closing Your Street

Block Party in Fraser Heights

When you are wanting to Host a Block Party it is best to apply for a street closure three weeks, or more, before your party date.

Steps to Closing Your Street for a Block Party

  1. Involve your neighbours
    When inviting your neighbours, share your idea for closing the street, and record their support with the sign-off form. At least 60% of households must support the road closure. Talk to everyone on your block, including those across the street from each end of the block.
    Download the Sign-Off Form

  2. Provide a map of the area
    A map showing the requested road closure area. You can visit COSMOS our city mapping program or Google maps to create and print a pdf map.

  3. Insurance
    You will need to have $2 million in liability insurance. You can use your own provider, or purchase insurance through the City of Surrey with a credit card.

  4. Road Closure Permit
    The Block Party Committee will submit your Road Closure Permit Application on your behalf to the Engineering Department and they will contact you directly once received. There is no cost to you.

  5. Barricades
    Renting barricades is free, a designated pick up time and location will be coordinated with you upon approval of your Road Closure Permit

If you have any questions about this, please email