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Land Development & Building

crane on top of a highrise development

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Land Development Process

Quattro building.

Get an overview of planning stage of the land development process in Surrey.

Land Development Engineering

A site under development in Surrey

See the municipal infrastructure servicing requirements needed to support land development and building permit projects in Surrey.

Land Use Plans & Strategies

Inside of City Hall

Learn use plans and strategies guide future development and help our city to grow and realize our goals as a community.


wooden frame of a house

Find information on residential and commercial building in Surrey.


Electrical Solar Panels

Apply for electrical permits, request an electrical inspection or get electrical forms & guidelines.



Apply for plumbing permits and book inspections online. Find the daily inspection schedule and locate your area inspector.


Surrey's urban forest in fall

Protect and maintain Surrey's urban forest by following the Tree protection bylaw, planting trees and enjoying what they have to offer.

By-Law Library

A row of binders.

The By-law Library contains downloadable, printable copies of all municipal bylaws.