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Understanding Your Property Taxes

Your Property Taxes are due on Tuesday, July 4, 2017.

The 2017 Home Owner Grant will be available in mid-May. To claim your 2016 Home Owner Grant, you must apply for the Retroactive Home Owner Grant.

Property taxes are one of the ways the City of Surrey collects revenue to pay for City services. The amount you pay is based on the funds Surrey needs to provide City services each year and your property assessment.

These services include:

  • public safety and city infrastructure,
  • road maintenance and waste collection,
  • parks and recreation facilities and
  • emergency and fire services.

Learn more about where your tax dollars went in 2016's Report to Citizens.

Property Assessment

Your yearly property assessment is done by BC Assessment. Your property notice is sent out out at the beginning of the year by BC Assessment. The notice shows you the assessed value of your property as of July 1 of the previous year. Learn more about property assessment.

Visit the BC Assessment website for complete details on key assessment dates you need to know.

You can also view assessment, legal description, tax and utility levy information related to properties located in the city online.

Access the Online Inquiry Now

2016 Property Tax Rate Schedule

Tax Rates (per thousand dollars of assessed value)

  Residential (Class 1) Utilities (Class 2) Major Industry (Class 4) Light Industry (Class 5) Business (Class 6) Recreational Non-Profit (Class 8) Farm (Class 9)
General 2.26262 31.99966 10.41332 5.75300 6.49150 2.28337 2.62354
Local Roads & Traffic Levy 0.17933 2.53598 0.82551 0.45582 0.51436 0.18095 0.20795
Greater Vancouver Regional District 0.05103 0.17861 0.17350 0.17350 0.12502 0.05103 0.05103
Municipal Finance Authority 0.00020 0.00070 0.00070 0.00070 0.00050 0.00020 0.00020
BC Assessment 0.05430 0.49950 0.49950 0.15750 0.15750 0.05430 0.05430
School 1.61380 13.5000 5.40000 5.40000 5.40000 3.10000 6.90000
Translink 0.28340 2.57430 1.92350 1.52110 1.24200 0.25820 0.36290









Previous Tax Rates

See tax rates for previous years:

Get a Tax Certificate

Apply for a tax certificate for conveyancing purposes from one of the following:

Contact the Property Taxes and Utilities office or reach us by phone at 604-591-4181 for questions on property taxes and utilities in Surrey

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