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Utilities Payment Options

City of Surrey

Pay your annual utilities or metered utilities online, by telephone, at the automatic teller machine (ATM), at your bank, by mail, or at City Hall by the annual utilities due date or your metered utilities area due date.

Limited pay parking is available at City Hall.  Please be prepared to stand in line to pay your bill.

Your Utility Bill and Account Number

Check your bill before paying using My Property Accounts to see your account balances and payment history. If this is your first time using this service, you'll need the 6-digit Utility Account Number from your utility notice to register online.

Utility account numbers are attached to the property, not the owner. If you have purchased or sold a property, you must update your banking records with the correct account number.

Pay your utility bill online

Pay your annual or metered utilities through your bank's website. Set up the City of Surrey as the payee and use your 6-digit utility account number for payment.

Contact your financial institution directly if you require assistance or have questions about these services.  Most financial institutions allow you to schedule your payment for a future date. We suggest paying 3 days prior to the due date to allow some time for you to verify the funds have been transferred by the due date. This will help you avoid the late penalty charges.

Other utility bill payment options

  • Pay by telephone and your bank's telephone banking service: Use your 6-digit account number when setting up the payee information.
  • Pay at the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) at your bank: Allow a minimum of 3 days for your payment to be processed, as there may be a delay in processing payments. Keep your receipt for your payment records.
  • Pay at your bank: Pay your utility bill at your local financial institution (service charges may apply.)
  • Pay by mail: Mail your self-addressed envelope with your payment (cheque or money order) and remittance stub to Surrey City Hall. Make your cheque payable to "City of Surrey," and include your utility account number on the cheque. Post dated cheques are accepted.  Please note if your mail is lost or delayed by the post office, and doesn't arrive before the due date, you may receive a penalty charge.
  • Payment drop off: Drop your payment, in an envelope, in the mail slot at the south entrance of City Hall. Drop off your payment 24 hours a day - but if you pay after midnight on the due date, you may receive a late penalty charge.
  • Pay at City Hall: Consider other convenient payment options to avoid waiting in lineups and finding/paying for parking during peak times. Bring your bill payment to Property & Payment Services on the main floor of City Hall between 8:30am and 4:30pm, before the due date.

Utilities mailing address

Property & Payment Services
City of Surrey
13450 - 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3T 1V8

Automatic withdrawls and pre-payment plans

Find convenient pre-payment or automatic withdrawl plans specific to annual utilities or metered utilities.

Metered Utilities: The metered utilities auto-debit plan automatically withdaws your metered utilities payment with each bill, 3 times per year.

Annual Utilities: The Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment Plan (PAPP) is a convenient pre-payment plan that takes automatic monthly deductions from your bank account and applies the funds collected towards your property taxes and annual utilities charges for next year.

Pay through your mortgage company

Most major banks will not pay for the annual utility charges due on April 3, even if you are paying your property taxes through your mortgage company. Contact your financial institution to verify if your mortgage payments will be applied to your annual utility charge by the due date, to avoid a penalty.

Learn what's included in your annual utilities each year, and see how you can save money and water through the Voluntary Water Meter Program, with the 54,000 other Surrey residents who are already involved in the program.

Contact the Property Taxes and Utilities Office by email at or by phone, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm at 604-591-4181.