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Collection Schedule & Waste Diversion Calendars

Collection Schedule

The City of Surrey provides fully automated waste collection services to Surrey residents, using a three-cart system. To help make the most of our waste diversion plan, the City’s collection schedule was designed in a way that will maximize the amount of organics that we divert from the garbage stream.

We collect your:

  • Organics cart: every week
  • Recyclables cart: every other week, alternating with garbage collection
  • Garbage cart: every other week, alternating with recyclables collection

Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile App

Get instant access to your garbage, recycling and organics information in the palm of your hand. Find out your pick-up schedule or set up notifications for pick-up reminders or disruptions.

Learn more about how to find and download the Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile app.

A map of collection areas by day. Download the waste diversion guide for details.

2017 Waste Collection Calendars

Learn more about when carts are collected, what goes in the carts and where it all goes when it's picked up in the 2017 Waste Diversion Guide

Find out about what goes in and what stays in of your garbage, recycling and organics carts or where you can find places for alternative disposal.

Yard Waste Stickers, Extra Garbage Bag Stickers & Kraft Paper Bags

Find extra items for free or for purchase at participating recreation facilities.

Item Quantity Cost
Yard Waste Decals N/A Free
Extra Garbage Stickers 1 $5.50
Kraft Yard Waste Bags Packages of 5 $1.75
Kraft Kitchen Waste Bags Packages of 10 $1.00
Rethink Waste Diversion Guide & Collection Calendar N/A Free

Pick up extra garbage stickers, yard waste decals, kitchen or yard waste bags, and calendars from:

Apartment Building Organics and Recycling Program

  1. Weekly organics collection service at your apartment complex,
  2. Organic waste carts that will be situated next to your recycling carts at your building,
  3. One 7 L kitchen catcher per apartment unit,
  4. Cart cleaning services and educational material,
  5. Program administration and customer service, and
  6. Waste Diversion Guides for each apartment unit and a Property Manager Guide

To sign your building up for collection, please call 604-590-7289

Apartment Building Waste Diversion Guides