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Water Use for Construction Purposes

Fire hydrant

The City's water may be used for construction purposes in the following ways:

Water Filling Station

Currently the City has 3 filling stations located at:

  • South Surrey Athletic Park (14600 22 Ave)
  • Bridgeview (11470 131 St)
  • Cloverdale (5337 180 St)

Payment of the fees as listed in Schedule D of the water bylaw is required to use any of these filling stations. To make an application, call 604-598-7926 or 604-598-7924.

Hydrant Use

Find out how to get a hydrant use permit here.

A Water Service Connection

  • The existing water service connection may be repurposed for temporary usage during construction; or
  • The ultimate water service connection to be temporarily repurposed for usage during construction; or
  • A new interim water service connection to be installed for usage during construction.

For service connection, please make an application and refer to Schedule D of the Water Bylaw for fees.

For any of the cases above, a water meter (if not yet installed) has to be installed along with a backflow preventer device for existing or the new water service connection used for construction.