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Excess Materials

Do not overfill your carts

Lids must close completely. Overfilled carts will not be collected.

Exchange, Replace, or Order Additional Carts

  • To exchange, replace or order additional carts, call 604-590-7289
  • Organics and recycling cart exchanges: $15 / cart
  • Additional or replacement organics or recycling cart: $25 / cart
  • Fees will be waived by the City if the owner makes their own arrangements to pick up the carts at a City Facility.
  • Additional annual waste collection fees will apply for upsizing or additional garbage carts
Additional Garbage Cart Size Additional Collection Services Fee
80 L / 120 L Add $142.00 per year
180 L / 240 L Add $283.00 per year
360 L Add $425.00 per year

Excess Garbage

Do you have excess recyclables? Just step on it!

  • Flatten containers whenever possible to gain more space in your recycling cart. Keep the caps off.
  • Flattened cardboard boxes can be placed beside the cart in tied bundles. Please ensure that they are cut down to fit inside your recycling cart.
  • If you consistently have excess recyclables, request a larger or additional cart by calling the Waste Collection Hotline at 604-590-7289.

Excess Organics

  • Please ensure your organics cart is full prior to using kraft paper bags or additional cans. If you regularly use extra bags or cans for yard waste, please request a larger or additional cart.
  • Extra carts will prevent drivers from reloading your cart - reloading can be messy and can subject your driver to injury
  • Place excess next to your cart; in kraft paper bags properly closed; in old yard waste containers with a yard sticker attached; or tied with natural twine in bundles no larger than 1 x 0.6 m (3 x 2 ft). Please ensure the weight of the yard waste bags or containers does not exceed 25 kg (50 lbs).
  • See Stickers, Bags and Calendars to find out where to purchase kitchen or yard waste bags.

It is important to get most of your materials into your cart.

  • Frequent overloads require a larger cart.
  • If one cart does not meet your needs you may request a larger or additional cart.