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Garbage Collection in Surrey


Reduce the amount of garbage you output by learning what goes in and what stays out of your garbage bin. Make sure to break down mixed material items and get rid of them in the right place.

Garbage Collection Day

Your garbage is collected every other week. Keep informed about any changes to your waste collection schedule.

Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile App

Get instant access to your garbage, recycling and organics information in the palm of your hand. Find out your pick-up schedule or set up notifications for pick-up reminders or disruptions.

Learn more about how to find and download the Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile app.

Sorting Your Garbage

Not sure what goes into your garbage cart? Let the Waste Wizard help and our garbage guids help!

Food isn't garbage. Food scraps go in your organics bin. Visit

What Goes In

Only waste that cannot be placed in the organics or recyclables cart goes in the garbage.

For example:

  • used diapers
  • cloth and textile materials that cannot be donated
  • any product that cannot be reused or recycled
  • small, household amounts of pet waste.

Please make sure the pet waste is double bagged before placing it in your garbage bin. Flush contents down the toilet if possible.

What Stays Out

  • yard waste
  • food scraps
  • recyclables
  • liquids of any kind
  • harmful chemicals
  • explosives & ammunition
  • building & demolition material
  • dirt, rocks & sand
  • flammable liquids & gasoline
  • car parts

If banned item are in your garbage bin, your bin may not be picked up until they are removed.

Excess Garbage

  • Excess garbage must be placed in a waste bin or bag with an extra sticker attached.
  • See Collection Calendars to learn where you can purchase extra stickers, bags and calendars for your excess garbage.

Overflowing garbage might not be picked up by our crews. If you always have excess garbage, you can order an additional cart for a cost.

Learn more about exchanging, replacing or ordering carts.

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