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Surrey City Centre Plan

City Centre Illustrated Plan

Since 1991, the City of Surrey's goal has been to develop Surrey City Centre as a regional downtown and as the main business, cultural and activity centre for the City of Surrey and the South Fraser Region.

Surrey City Centre is to be home to a broad range of high density commercial, office, institutional and residential developments containing a wide range of entertainment, cultural and social amenities, community facilities and diverse residential neighbourhoods.

Surrey City Centre covers an area of approximately 581 hectares. The area is generally rectangular in shape and bounded, generally, by 112 Avenue to the north, 96 Avenue to the south, 132 Street to the west and 140 Street to the east. See the detailed City Centre Boundaries.

In 2006, the population of Surrey City Centre totalled 23,000. In 2006, 14,500 people were employed in Surrey City Centre. It is anticipated that by 2031, the population of Surrey City Centre will increase to 65,000 and the number of people employed in Surrey City Centre will rise to 36,000.

Current development activity in Surrey City Centre

Surrey City Centre Plan Update Stage 2

January 16, 2017 Final Plan Approved

On January 16, 2017, Council approved the Surrey City Centre Stage 2 Final Plan.

Surrey City Centre Plan Document (108MB)
Surrey City Centre Plan Map (1MB)
Corporate Report - Planning (44MB)
Corporate Report - Engineering (15MB)

September 19, 2016 Meeting #2 with UDI and DAC Members

A follow-up meeting to the the June 28, 2016 meeting was held on September 19, 2016 to provide an update on the servicing and financial strategy.

June 28, 2016 Meeting #1 with UDI and DAC Members

A joint meeting was held with the Urban Development Institute and Surrey’s Development Advisory Committee on June 28, 2016.  The meeting provided information on the draft Financing Strategy for City Centre and provided a general overview of the Vision, Principles, Land Use, Transportation and Parks Framework for City Centre.

March 9, 2016 Public Open House

A Public Open House was held at the City Centre Library on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 to share the future vision and plans for the area.  The Open House provided residents, owners, students, businesses, and other interested parties with an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the new buildings, parks services, and transit planned for the downtown;
  • View displays of different City Centre neighbourhoods and land uses;
  • See plans for future City Centre bike lanes and greenways;
  • Learn about plans for District Energy; and
  • Try the interactive new City Centre computer 3-D building model.

City Centre Open House Materials:

July 22, 2013 Corporate Report

On July 22, 2013, Council received the Surrey City Centre Plan Update- Additional Parks, an Expanded Area Covered by the Mixed Use Designations and Refinements to the Road Network Report.

Based on this report, Council approved the revised Surrey City Centre Land Use Plan, which includes:

  • Three additional neighbourhood parks;
  • The expansion of the Mixed Use 5.5 FAR designation around the civic core; and
  • Minor refinements to the City Centre Road Network.

On July 25, 2011, Council received the Surrey City Centre Plan Update - Stage 2 - Status Report. Based on this report Council approved the following:

Surrey City Centre Plan Update Stage 1

On February 9, 2009, City Council adopted the Surrey City Centre Plan Update Stage 1 Report.

Surrey City Centre Plan Update Plan Initiation

Selected background information with respect to development of Stage I of the Surrey City Centre Plan Update is as follows.

In February of 1991, Council adopted the Surrey City Centre Plan. The Plan includes

  • a Development Concept and a Proposed Land Use Plan,
  • a new transportation network for Whalley,
  • an open space concept,
  • and social and utility infrastructure.

It proposed OCP and zoning amendments and also outlined implementation strategies.

In recent years, development interest has increased significantly in Surrey’s City Centre and is changing the face of the area. This period of transition in the City Centre is an appropriate time to review and update the 15-year-old Surrey City Centre Plan.

It's imperative to review the policies and strategies for the City Centre to ensure that they implement and accommodate this growth in a manner that reinforces the area’s role as a centre to serve the Whalley community, a City Centre/downtown for Surrey, and a Regional Town Centre for the portion of the region south of the Fraser River.

This plan review is divided into 3 phases:

  • Analyzing Existing Conditions,
  • Developing the Plan, and
  • Achieving the Plan.

After reviewing public feedback on draft Plan Update, proposals from 2 open houses in September 2008, staff has prepared a recommended plan for Stage 1 of the process for Council review. Details are included in the Corporate Report.

Corporate Report

City Centre Plan Update Open House

Stage I Surrey City Centre Plan Update Development Background Information

Other City Centre Information

Surrey City Centre Tax Exemption Program


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