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Electrical Permits

permits for electrical work

An electrical permit is written permission from the City of Surrey authorizing regulated work (electrical) to be performed within the City's jurisdiction. 

A permit is required for all regulated work performed within the City, unless exempted under the Electrical Safety Regulation of BC. In addition, a permit must be issued before regulated work is performed. 

Allow 2 business days to process your permit application. Incomplete and or inaccurate permit applications cannot be processed and will result in the application being placed on hold.  

Common reasons why permit applications are placed on hold

  • Permit value is deemed low for declared scope of work. Applicant may be requested to provide additional documentation to support declared value.  
  • Scope of work is not clearly identified.  
  • Electrical contractor license is not in good standing with the BC Safety Authority.
  • Electrical contractor does not have a valid business license.
  • Electrical contractor's permit issuance privileges are suspended due to outstanding fee's owing to the City.
  • Associated building permit is not issued.
  • Active violations are posted for property. These may include building, by-law,etc.
  • Proposed scope of work is deemed not compliant with existing zoning/by-law requirements. 
  • Declared scope of work is not permitted under the electrical contractor's current license class.
    • A Unrestricted
    • B Up to 750Volts 3 Phase
    • C Systems derived from maximum 200 A 150V to ground, single phase (Not qualified to work on systems derived from greater than 200 amps 3 phase i.e. excluding commercial and industrial buildings)

Electrical Contractor Installation Permit

building under construction

Apply for an Electrical Permit from the City of Surrey.

Electrical Entertainment Operating Permits

band performing to large crowd at Party for the Planet at dusk

Find out if you need an Electrical Permit for your Surrey event or production, and access the application form to apply for the permit.

Electrical Homeowner Installation Permits

beautiful house

Find your Surrey homeowner electrical permits, temporary construction power permits, and review the guidelines.

Electrical Operating Permit

Find out when an Annual Electrical Operating Permit is required, and apply for your Surrey permit.

Expired Electrical Permits

Learn what to do if your electrical permit expires, and how to extend your electrical permit to avoid fees.

Permit Exemptions

Permit Exemptions, Exemption, Permit Not required,