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Surrey Alerts - Winter Conditions

Weather updates

February 14: Heavy rain is being forecast for the Lower Mainland, starting tonight until Thursday. Surrey’s main roads are in good shape, but please drive carefully as there may be ponding of water on roadways.

Crews have been focusing on ensuring that all catch basins are cleared in anticipation of rain and warmer temperatures. In many instances, the snow on the side of the road is being plowed onto the sidewalk area. If snow has been plowed onto your sidewalk, please do not shovel it back onto the roadway. Please shovel snow onto grass areas or onto your yard instead. We greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone who are clearing sidewalks and we ask that you please be patient.

Reporting a weather issue

  • For any emergency situation where there is an immediate threat to public safety, call 9-1-1.
  • For trees across power lines, call the BC Hydro Emergency line at 1-888-769-3766.
  • For non-emergency snow and ice, Report a Problem online, or call our Service Request Line between Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm at 604-591-4152.
  • For issues such as branches and trees on the roadway, low water pressure, or any non-emergency situation that is impacting City infrastructure (including parks), Report a Problem online, or call our Service Request Line at 604-591-4152.

Preparing for winter conditions

You can prepare for winter conditions and weather associated power outages with a few simple steps:

  • Have cell phones charged
  • Ensure flashlights have batteries installed
  • Ensure adequate food and water supplies
  • Use candles with care
  • Stay off the roads and drive only when absolutely required
  • Clear the perimeter drains around your property of ice and debris.
  • Get familiar with how to get your family and business prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster.

By taking a few simple precautions we can help alleviate some of the risks associated with winter weather and keep our community safe.


Road Closures

See any current closures or obstructions on the Road Closures page.

For transit disruptions, check the TransLink website for updates.

Power outages

Check the BC Hydro outage map or list to see if your power outage has been reported and follow BC Hydro Twitter for updates.

Drainage & Flooding

We are currently not aware of any flooding issues. Make sure to keep your drains, gutters and catch basins clear to prevent any future flooding.


There are no current evacuations in Surrey.

City Facility Closures and Power Outages

Community Facility Name Status
Cloverdale Cloverdale Arena Open
Cloverdale Cloverdale Recreation Centre Open
Cloverdale Don Christian Recreation Centre
Cloverdale Surrey Animal Resource Centre Open
Cloverdale Historic Stewart Farm Open
Fleetwood Fleetwood Community Centre
Fleetwood Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex - Aquatics Open
Fleetwood Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex - Arena Open

Guildford Recreation Centre
includes Guildford Aquatics Centre


Guildford Fraser Heights Recreation Centre
Newton Newton Arena
Newton Newton Recreation Centre
Newton Newton Senior Centre
North Surrey Bridgeview Community Centre
North Surrey Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre
North Surrey Bear Creek Pavilion
North Surrey North Surrey Recreation Centre
includes North Surrey Pool
North Surrey Surrey Arts Centre Open
North Surrey North Surrey Arena
South Surrey Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre Open
South Surrey Kensington Prairie Community Centre
South Surrey South Surrey Arena
South Surrey South Surrey Pool Open
South Surrey South Surrey Recreation Centre

Update: 10:49am, February 14, 2017