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Public Participation

public discussion

Use your interests, your voice and your energy to make Surrey what you want it to be. Where you put your energy is where you'll see the reward.

Connect with us to get regular news and updates directed to you, or influence decisions online.

Seats at the table inside Surrey City Hall Council Chambers.

Next Council Meeting Public Hearing Items

Attend the next Surrey Public Hearing meeting and hear or speak to public hearing items.

open house

Public Meetings & Open Houses

See the upcoming public meetings and open houses in Surrey, to hear and talk about important topics.

Provide feedback through online community surveys

Open Community Surveys

Help influence decisions, services and future planning directions for your City by completing ‘open community’ surveys.

Join CitySpeaks and be Part of the Discussion


Join CitySpeaks to receive public input opportunity notifications and use your voice to help shape your community.

City of Surrey panorama with Surreys Future comes with a Vote block of text.

Municipal Elections

Find out about municipal elections in Surrey.

Consultation Principles

Principles guiding how the City of Surrey gets feedback from the community.

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Council Meetings & Documents

Find meeting schedules, council minutes, planning and corporate reports, and view this week's council meeting online.